Dr. Ronald Meltzer was a brilliant surgeon with the power to sever and reattach his body parts, over which he had some sort of telekinetic control (he could levitate them in the air) thanks to his mastery of psychic surgery after being inspired by a book about how everyone was connected to the world around them due to them sharing molecules. He was also a deranged stalker and a client of Wolfram & Hart, fixating on Melissa Burns after he saved her sight in an operation and they shared a single drink with her, watching her in her apartment by leaving an eye in the area. Realizing that Meltzer was fixated on Melissa due to him being too messed-up to cope with a genuine relationship- leading to his obsession with Melissa as he now felt that he had to 'possess' her otherwise she served as a constant reminder of his failures-, Angel eventually managed to defeat Meltzer by dividing his body parts between twelve safety deposit boxes and dumping them in the foundations of a nearby subway, recognizing that Meltzer's parts would eventually die from lack of blood and oxygen regardless of Meltzer's psychic surgical skills.

During his time in Pylea, Angel told the children of the village a tale about "the sorcerer who could remove his limbs and reassemble at will," the tale apparently meeting with the approval of Landok in particular.

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