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Dr. Ronald Meltzer was a brilliant surgeon with the power to sever and reattach his body parts, inspired by the book Anything's Possible. He was also a deranged stalker and a client of Wolfram & Hart, fixating on Melissa Burns after he saved her sight in an operation and sharing a single drink with her.

Obsessed with her, he would watch her in her apartment by sending his eye or his hands to invade her bedroom.

When she tried to report him to the police, he denied everything, and his lawyers filed a restraining order against her.

When one of the visions of Allen Francis Doyle sent him against Meltzer, Angel approached him under the guise of "Brian Jensen" and the pretense of needing someone to perform a dangerous operation to save his wife from a malignant tumor. Meltzer, however, was reluctant to perform a surgery that could lead him to lose his license.

Meltzer also choked a policeman to death with his deattached hands. The officer had responded to a report and then broke into Melissa's house after she he scream, having seen Meltzer's hands under her her bedsheets. Afterward, she saw Melissa running into "Jensen" with one of his disembodied eyes.

Meltzer then called "Jensen International Holdings" - the offices of Angel Investigations - to demand Angel ten thousand dollars cash in advance for the operation. After Angel approached his office with a safety deposit box, Meltzer drugged Angel with a paralytic agent which he had used to experiment on animals, considering Melissa was "cheating on him" with Angel.

Having decided to kill her, Meltzer attacked the Angel Investigations offices and knocked out Cordelia Chase and Doyle. Unable to escape, Melissa confronted Meltzer. Angel then arrived and, after being attacked by Meltzer, knocked off his head then divided his body parts between twelve safety deposit boxes and dumping them in the foundations of a nearby subway, recognizing that Meltzer's parts would eventually die from lack of blood and oxygen regardless of Meltzer's psychic surgery skills.

During his time in Pylea, Angel told the children of a village a tale about "the sorcerer who could remove his limbs and reassemble at will," the tale apparently meeting with the approval of Landok in particular.

Powers and Abilities[]

Following the teachings of Vinpur Natpudian and taking them to the extreme, Ronald Meltzer developed the ability to temporarily sever and reattach his body parts at will, psychically controling them at a distance. He also developed a telekinetic ability that allowed him to levitate some of these, such as his eyes.

His advanced medical knowledge allowed him to develop new nerve and blood vessel accelerants and even reattach eyes.

Behind the Scenes[]