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Rona was a potential and, later, new Slayer. She was born in 1984 or 1988.



She was never assigned a Watcher before her arrival in Sunnydale, and thus never knew of her possible destiny. She came to Sunnydale by the bus station where she was attacked by Bringers before Buffy Summers subsequently saved her.

Rona often doubted that she or any of the other Potential Slayers could make a difference and even stated that there was no point in the Potentials fighting. During the Battle at the Vineyard (her first), her arm was broken by Caleb and she would've been killed by a Bringer had Xander Harris not saved her. She wore a cast throughout the remainder of the her time in Sunnydale.



Rona during the Battle at the Hellmouth.

Rona attended the Battle at the Hellmouth along with the Scooby Gang and her remaining fellow Potential Slayers who were activated when Willow Rosenberg used the scythe to activate every Potential in the world. Rona fought bravely despite her injury and slayed several Turok-Han, one point using the scythe  to do so. Rona escaped the destruction of Sunnydale, though with several injuries, making her barely conscious during the bus ride out of the town. A zesty Vi was at Rona's dismay, aiding her injuries and telling her "This is nothing!"

The Slayer Organisation



As the Slayer Organization was formed, she became the leader of the Chicago squad, where the Buffy Summers underground decoy originally joined up. Rona was the one to offer her the assignment as decoy. Later, due to the constant difficulties with Simone Doffler, Rona transferred her to Andrew Wells' squad in Italy with the hopes that a less urban setting would soften Simone's "rough edges;" Buffy later speculated that Rona was just "passing the buck" onto Andrew.


Rona was known for her cynical attitude. When first arriving to Sunnydale, Rona had no desire to pursue the possibility of her becoming the Slayer; she only wanted protection. She showed particular pessimism towards Buffy's efforts and thought there was no point in fighting the Turok-Han vampire, believing it would have already killed Buffy by the time it reached the potentials and showed opposition towards Buffy's plan to raid the Vineyard a second time, even remarking "Ding, dong. The witch is dead" after Buffy was expelled from her house. Overtime, Rona eventually lightened up and started training.

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