Three in three months. They'll shut you down.
―The Thesulac's whispers into Meeks' mind[src]

Roland Meeks was the concierge of Hyperion Hotel in the 1950's.

When he and Frank Gilnitz discovered a salesman who committed suicide in the hotel, he ordered the bellhop to store the body in a meat locker. When the residents of the hotel started to turn on each other, thinking that foul play was involved, Frank tried to remind everyone that it was suicide. When Roland then asked Frank how he knew, since he wasn't there, Frank immediately blamed Consuela, the maid who discovered the dead man. Frank was ultimately executed for murdering the salesman.

He held the position of concierge until the hotel closed on December 16, 1979. That day, under the influence of the Thesulac Demon that had haunted the hotel since its construction, Meeks made the morning wake-up calls with a 12 gauge shotgun room to room.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by John Kapelos, who also played Nick Knight's partner in two seasons of Forever Knight.

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