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As part of their plot to steal the Staff of Devosynn, one of the cyborgs used a glamour to imitate the appearance and voice of Roger Wyndam-Pryce, father of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. During his time posing as Roger, he demonstrated a great awareness of the occult, being fully aware of Wolfram & Hart's reputation in the supernatural world and acting particularly coldly towards Angel and Spike for their pasts; he refused to shake Angel's hand and made reference to an encounter the original Roger had had with Spike in 1967. Having acquired the Staff of Devosynn, Roger used it to try and take Angel's will, claiming that Angel had always been a puppet of the Powers That Be and the Senior Partners and they wished to bring him under their control. When the cyborg attempted to threaten Fred, Wesley shot it, revealing its true nature as it died, although the trauma of the experience forced Wesley to take time off to recover.

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