This article is about the real Roger Wyndam-Pryce, for the cyborg imposter see Roger Wyndam-Pryce (cyborg)

You never had any use for me as a child, and you can't bear the thought of me as an adult. Tell me, father, what is it that galls you so, that I was never as good at the job as you... or that I just might be better?
―Wesley Wyndam-Pryce to the cyborg posing as his father[src]

Roger Wyndam-Pryce is the father of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and one of the most respected members of the Watchers' Council. Though the real Roger Wyndam-Pryce remains unseen, a cyborg magically disguised as him was portrayed by Roy Dotrice.


Not much is known about Roger Wyndam-Pryce or how he came to become a Watcher. The only even vague reference we have to his past is that he apparently led a team that encountered Spike when he was slaughtering a Viennan orphange in 1967, where Spike killed two of Roger's men before escaping (Given that this was revealed by the cyborg duplicate, its accuracy is questionable, but Spike's apparent recognition of the even when described to him would suggest that it is the truth). However, his ruthless perspective of the good fight, his cold demeanor, and his critical attitute towards his son Wesley molded him into a similarly ruthless though very insecure and resentful man. Unlike his like-minded colleague Quentin Travers, Wyndam-Pryce was one of the few Watchers that survived the bombing of the Council's headquarters by Caleb, the servant of the First Evil.

It is unknown whether Roger Wyndam-Pryce is involved with the new Council lead by Rupert Giles and Buffy Summers, though their more progressive views on the Watcher-Slayer relationship would come into conflict with Wyndam-Pryce's more conservative and elitist philosophy.

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