Rodney Munson. God's gift to the bell curve. What he lacks in smarts, he makes up in lack of smarts.
Xander Harris[src]

Rodney Munson was a Sunnydale High student.

Rodney was a natural trouble maker who was said to have beaten up Xander Harris every day for five years and was an avid thief. He was also apparently very unintelligent, to the point that he once thought there were only fourteen natural elements rather than the over one hundred that there were in reality even when being tutored by Willow Rosenberg. During the school field trip to the Sunnydale Museum, he accidentally awakened the Inca Mummy when he attempted to steal the sacred seal that kept her immobilized and broke it. The mummy killed him and left his desiccated corpse in her place to conceal her resurrection and disappearance. The Scooby Gang later discovered the switch due to Rodney's braces.

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