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Witches are newt-eating old hags. I, on the other hand, am a passably attractive warlock

Roden was an Irish warlock and the tutor of Lady Genevieve Savidge, one of the new Slayers, manipulating her into becoming an assassin of Slayers. He was also a servant of Twilight, who convinced Roden to serve him in exchange for surviving the coming purge. However, Roden ignored that Twilight did not intend them to survive, but that they would merely thin out the number of Twilight's enemies.

Roden first approached Genevieve during one of his mother's fundraisers. As first she thought he was just another man trying to seduce her, until he told her he knew about the nightmares she had been experiencing since her puberty. Afterwards, under the guise of her tutor, he began to train her so she would kill Buffy Summers, telling her that it was her birthright to lead the Slayers into world domination and that by killing Buffy her constant nightmares would end.

When Faith Lehane, under the guise of noblegirl Hope Lyonne, attended Genevieve's birthday party, Roden grew suspicious of her, telling his Gargoyle minions to keep an eye on her and kill her if she did anything suspicious. He was surprised, however, when Genevieve befriended Faith after she was attacked by the gargoyles.

Afterward, he summoned Buffy from her Scotland headquarters so Genevieve would be able to kill her. However, the fight was stopped by Faith, who blew her cover when she tried to prevent the two Slayers from fighting.

After Genevieve's accidental death at the hands of Faith Lehane, he tried to convince her to take Gigi's place so she would eliminate Buffy, but she refused. Roden then tried to kill Faith, but was wounded by Giles, who, after Roden's magic retaliation, used Roden's spellbook to cast a containment spell inside the warlock's body and then commanded it to burst, causing Roden's head to explode.


Roden using dark magicks


You desperate old git. Did you honestly just try to use one of my own containment spells against me? I can break out of any mystic field ever enchanted.
―Roden to Rupert Giles[src]

Roden's warlock training allowed him to perform a wide variety of spells, including summonings, binding and containment spells, creating a massive first of rock to crush Faith, and allowing him to fly. As usually happened with most witches and warlocks, his eyes became solid black when channeling dark magicks.

He appeared to have some advance skills in Barriers and Containment magicks as he claimed there was not any Containment spell that could hold him. Additionally, he created a near-impregnable barrier errected around the castle.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was voiced by Jeff Jack in the Season Eight Motion Comics.