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A robot was a machine designed with enough intelligence to replicate human behaviors and characteristics.


From as early as the mid 20th century, Ted Buchanan created a robotic duplicate of himself that was able to maintain itself for over forty years. It followed a murderous cycle without suspicion until he was destroyed in 1998 by Buffy Summers.[1]

In 1997, Moloch the Corruptor had his consciousness placed into a large, robotic body. This allowed Buffy to physically fight and defeat the demon.[2]

In the early 21st century, the tech student Warren Mears built April as a robotic girlfriend for himself,[3] the Buffybot as a copy of Buffy for Spike,[4] and a robot duplicate of himself as a decoy against Willow Rosenberg.[5] They weren't self-sufficient in their maintenance, but April and the Buffybot were programmed with superior fighting skills and strength.[3][4] All three robots were eventually destroyed.[3][6][5]

In 2005, a group of vampires constructed the Mecha Dawn, a giant robot duplicate of Dawn Summers, to fight her in a battle in Toyko between the Slayer Organization and Toru's sect.[7]

During the end of magic, Andrew Wells constructed a second robot duplicate of Buffy. He transferred Buffy's mind into the robot in order to help her escape a rumored assassination attempt, while leaving her human body living a civilian life in another part of the country. The robotic constitution could not mimic human functions such as digesting food, menstruating, and maintaining a good balance of Ph in its blood, causing Buffy to believe she was pregnant.[8] Buffy was not aware of this until her arm broke off.[9] Their minds were eventually exchanged back.[10]

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