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Robin Whitby was a Slayer active in 1661. As Captain Rob Whitby, she was one of the many Slayers that posed as a male in order to move more freely in the world while fulfilling her duties.


Known as Captain Rob Whitby of her ship Neptune's Lady in 1661, Robin lived as a man in order to maintain the life she desired. Her Watcher, Dr. William Henry Pratt, respected her decision to live a separate life from slaying, but did live alongside Rob and her crew on the ship as the resident doctor.

One night, as they approached another ship in the Caribbean, Rob warned the crew of Leeches, vampires she identified with her heightened Slayer senses. Upon inspection, she and her crew found that the crew of the El Dorado had been violently murdered, save one girl. Rob's crew disobeyed her orders and took the survivor hostage. Upon refusing to kill her, Rob's crew turned against her, stranding her on the El Dorado.

The crew of Neptune's Lady, left defenseless, were subsequently attacked, several killed by the vampire that had caused the damage on the El Dorado. Meanwhile, Rob was assaulted by the Kraken and lost her hand. Despite not defeating the monster, she survived, and returned to save the remainder of her crew, and revealed her true nature as not only a woman, but as the Slayer. Her crew accepted her, and she was fitted for a wooden hand capable of being detached and replaced with a variety of weapons.[1]



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