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Richard Howard Straley was an Ano-Movic Demon who was engaged to marry Harriet Doyle, the ex-wife of Allen Francis Doyle.

Unfortunately, although Doyle was convinced to sign the divorce papers after Angel had confirmed that Ano-Movic demons were non-violent, they were unaware that Richard and his family would only allow the marriage to take place if Richard underwent a ritual eating of the first spouse's brains that occured when a member of an Ano-Movic clan married a divorcee (The reasoning being that this allows the new spouse to incorporate all the love and affection from the previous relationship into their new marriage). Fortunately, Angel, Cordelia and Harry learned about the ritual in time to avert it, Harry subsequently calling the wedding off as she couldn't go through with the ritual.

Richard in human form

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Carlos Jacott.
  • This is the second guest appearance for Carlos Jacott, who played Ken in "Anne".