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For the Old Ones, for his pain. For the Dark.
Absalom recites part of the ritual[src]

Revivification ritual was a dark magic ritual intended to resurrect a deceased vampire. It was implied that the ritual has been performed on other occasions, but it had never been successful.[1]


In 1997, Absalom, alongside Ned, Bob, Jane and Walt, attempted to perform this kind of ritual to resurrect the Master. The Anointed One was present during the attempt, although he had no direct involvement in the ritual.[1]

For this, they captured Jennifer Calendar, Cordelia Chase, Willow Rosenberg, and Rupert Giles, who all had been at the Sunnydale High School library where the Master was thrown into a stake. They were taken to the abandoned Bric & Broc factory and, unconscious, were hanged above the Master's remaining skeleton.[1]

Their throats were to be cut so their blood would pour over the skeleton, but the ritual was interrupted by Buffy Summers. The Slayer staked those who were attempting to revive him then smashed the Master's bones with a hammer.[1]


According to Giles, the ritual required the vampire's bones and those closest to him, referring to the humans present where the vampire died. The ritual was performed so the blood would run down onto the vampire's remains and bring them back to unlife.[1]