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Retreat is the sixth volume of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight trade paperbacks, collecting issues twenty-six to thirty of the comic book series. It was originally published on March 3, 2010, by Dark Horse Comics.


Buffy Season Eight Volume 6 showcases the first retreat of the Slayer legion. Vampires have solid footing at the top of the totem and Slayers have been crushed to the bottom — in short, no one likes Buffy anymore… least of all this season's mysterious Big Bad, Twilight, who is hot on her magical trail!

Now that it's the world against Slayers, Buffy must find a way to return the status quo to… status quo — and keep her girls alive long enough to do it! Enter Oz, the only person/werewolf Buffy knows who is down with the suppression of magic, and can take the Slayer army off of Twilight's magic-specific radar.

With Oz's assistance, the Slayers and Wiccans try to become "normal" through meditation and hard labor — although, not everyone sees the advantage of being magicless, namely, Willow, Giles, and Andrew. And they could be right. After all, is a peaceful life for a Slayer even possible?[1]


Behind the scenes[]


  • The collection also features a cover gallery.


  • Retreat was the second best selling graphic novel of its publishing month, with 7,029 sales in March 2010 at comic specialty stores.[2]

International titles[]

  • French: Retraite (Retreat)
  • German: Rückzug (Retreat)
  • Italian: Ritirata (Retreat)
  • Spanish: Retirada (Retreat)
  • Turkish: Geri Çekilme (Retreat)