Resikhian Urn

I can trap your dimensional essence in a Resikhian Urn. Wonderful devices, the urns. They last a lifetime. That is, if you live forever.
Daniel Holtz[src]

A Resikhian Urn was a mystical urn that could be used to capture and contain a Granok Demon. These urns were used at least since the time Granoks were made incorporeal by Mesektet and Wolfram & Hart.

Resikhian Urns were capable of trapping Granoks whether they were corporeal or incorporeal, Justine Cooper trapped Sahjhan after he was made flesh once again using an Urn that Daniel Holtz had acquired in case he needed to deal with Sahjhan.

That particular Urn later fell into the hands of Cyvus Vail, an old enemy of Sahjhan. Vail feared the Urn could be shattered, thus releasing Sahjhan, for which Vail plotted the death of his ancient enemy. Also, if an Urn with a Granok demon inside was opened, the demon would be released as shown when Connor released Sajahn in order to kill him.