Renee was a Slayer and a member of the Slayer Organization. She and Xander Harris became involved, until she was murdered by Toru.


Renee was patrolling with Gia when, while the fellow Slayer teased her about her flirtation with Xander, the Slayer Organization command center was attacked by a horde of zombies.[1] Xander and Renee admitted their feelings towards each other while Toru's pack attacked the command center in Scotland.[2]

Afterward, Renee accompanied Xander to a meeting with Dracula, suffering the Count's racist remarks.[3] Renee then joined the Slayer task force at Tokyo, dressing up as a clueless American schoolgirl in order to lure a vampire. However, the Scooby Gang had been led into a trap, and Renee was murdered by Toru, who stabbed her with the Scythe.[4]

Renee's ashes spread by Xander, and he once again stayed with Dracula to grieve.[5]


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