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Regeneration was the ability to be cured of a wound at an accelerated rate or having complete body parts reconstituted after amputation/destruction.



Slayers could recover from severe injuries in short periods of time in comparison to average humans. Usually, Buffy Summers was completely healed within 24 hours of being injured,[citation needed] though more serious injuries took at least a few days. She suffered from a stab wound to the belly that required at least a few days to heal,[1] and, according to Vi, was heavily bruised for several days after her second encounter with a Turok-Han.[2] Slayers could receive scars, though, as Buffy had one left from the Master's bite on her neck.[3][4]

Under the Slayer power spell, in which Buffy had the cumulative power of all activated Slayers, she had her skin regenerated within days after she had half of her body magically burned in the fight against Joanna Wise.[5]


Dracula's magical powers allows him to reconstitute from himself from his dust whenever he was staked.

Vampires healed rapidly, albeit in a similar way to human bodies. While Spike's broken spine healed, it took him several months.[6][7] Still, Spike gained a scar on his eyebrow after being cut by Xin Rong's sword.[1] Vampires were passive to having body parts amputated,[8] though they could be surgically reattached;[9] they wouldn't survive only if they had their head severed.

A ritual involving the blood of a vampire's sire was capable of restoring them into their full health.[10] The surgical extraction of the heart[11] or a magical object as the Gem of Amara[12] gave them the capacity to regenerate their wounds from being staked. The use of Blood of Eternity on vampires would regenerate their bodies into living beings, turning them effectively into humans again.[13] Dracula's magic powers made him capable of reconstitute himself from his dust whenever he was staked.[14]


Some examples of demons' regeneration:

Kurth using Mohra demon blood to regenerate his severed third arm.

  • Even beheaded, members of the Brotherhood of Seven[15] and the Deathwok Clan[16] had the capacity to reattach their head. Nahdrah demons could use a human's head to replace their own.[17] Jenoff,[18] Strom demons,[19] and Voynok demon[20] were able to grow a new head on their own.
  • Norman Pfister was a hive of maggots capable of taking human form, giving him the capacity to regenerate at will.[21]
  • If gathered, the bodies parts of the Judge allowed him to reattach into his original form.[6]
  • Mok'tagar demons, like Kathy Newman, had their regenerative abilities exemplified by loose toenails still growing after being cut.[22]
  • The blood of a Mohra demon, known as the Blood of Eternity, had uncanny regenerative properties, making them virtually immortal. This blood could also heal other beings, being even capable of transforming a vampire back into a human. If severely injured, Mohras would regenerate and grow both in size and strength.[13] During the period of the end of magic, Mohra's blood would trigger perpetual painful regeneration in those who used it, making human bodies resembling massive tumors.[23]
  • The mineralogy was also an effective factor for demons. Mohras required vast quantities of salt to live[13] and Ethros demon sought out primordial volcanic basalt to regenerate when wounded or weakened.[24]
  • The demon Tor could survive mutilation and reassemble himself.[25]
  • Strom demons' regenerative abilities made them also able to grow their faces back after having it blown off with a shotgun.[19]
  • Vengeance demons seemed to heal rapidly in few seconds. For example, Halfrek[26] and Anyanka[27] recovered minutes from apparent mortal wounds while they were pierced by a sword.
  • Groosalugg, a Half-demon, healed on a similar level of a vampire.[citation needed]
  • A Plagiarus demon could quickly regenerate it tentacles, the only weak point was its brain.[28]

Witches and warlocks[]

Some examples of witches' and warlocks' regeneration:

  • After performing the ritual of Dedication, Richard Wilkins was able to heal from massive injuries immediately, such as being cut in half and being stabbed on the chest.
  • Willow Rosenberg, a human, survived and regenerated herself from an ax blow to her back from Warren Mears.[29]
  • Willow was able to heal the cuts and bruises on her face after a tense fight with Rupert Giles by waving her hand over her face, making the marks disappear.[30]
  • Willow had the power to regenerate the skin of her stomach after it was eaten by Gnarl. She did this by meditating, drawing power from the earth.[31]
  • Willow quickly healed herself after being lobotomized by a Warren, despite the fact that she was near death. Willow then used her powers to heal some of injured soldiers and Slayers, but couldn't heal all of them because she didn't have enough "healing."[32]
  • Willow instantaneously healed a recent scar on Buffy's forehead with the magic she had yielded from Wonderland.[33]
  • The successful resurrection Willow performed for Buffy involved regenerating the Slayer's entire constitution to when she had been alive.[34]

Other beings[]

Severin's magical absorption allows him to regenerate from a stake to the heart.

  • Ronald Meltzer could control his molecular structure at will, allowing him to remove his hands or eyes from his body to make them levitate.[35]
  • The demon Barney, who auctioned organs stemming from demons and super-human beings, had healing hands in his collection.[36]
  • Charles Gunn tried to contact healers for to cure Winifred Burkle, dying because of Illyria. However, they refused to cooperate, fearing the Old One.[37]
  • Severin could heal his wounds by absorbing magical energy. With sufficient charge, he was able to survive and recover from a stake to the chest.[38]
  • The Medical Center of Arashmaharr had regeneration cream which could regrow lost limbs.[citation needed]
  • The bite wound that made Nina Ash a werewolf was completely healed within a day.[39]
  • In puppet form, the vampire Angel was capable of removing his limbs then putting in place again, as well as surviving his felt skin torn op.[40]
  • Beck, a mutant, not only survived having a wooden stake into her chest, but she was also healed within a few hours.[41]
  • The Crown of Coils had the ability to restore the dead flesh of any creature. When put on the head of a human decomposed corpse, it become fresh once more, although it remained dead due to the lack a soul.[42]
  • After being exploded in his Olvikan form, Wilkins spent about a decade reconstituting himself back into being.[43]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the dubious canon comic issue Crown Prince Syndrome, Angel developed the ability to regenerate lost limbs, which he demonstrated after James ripped his hands and feet off. Illyria claimed that originally, vampires could regenerate limbs, but the ability was lost as the bloodlines expended and the Old Ones' legacy was diluted, so modern vampires are unable to do so.




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