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Harmony’s the leading advocate for Reform Vampirism. Only drain blood with permission... not enough to kill... and no siring.

Reform Vampirism, also known as the Harmony Rules, was a movement among vampires to gain a place in human society. Its proponent and leading advocate was Harmony Kendall, who inspired a general reform in the interaction between humans and demons. The rules prohibited killing and siring, and restricted drinking blood as with consent and moderation

It was in directly opposition to Vampire Supremacism, and a substantial element for the vampire craze.


Ash: “That’s so last millennium, Cyn! Get with the times. We’re the heroes now! We’re the ones the humans want to be with, the ones they worship! We can’t go killing them just because we’re bored.
Cyn: “Why not? Just because Harmony Kendall says so?
Ash and Cyn on the Harmony Rules[src]

Vampires who were adepts to the Reform loved the change and considered it the best thing for vampires, since it made them get all the food they’d want. This allowed them to feed without the risk of being hunted, while enjoying the popularity of humans seeking to be bitten. The ones that wouldn’t follow the rules were also ostracized among vampires.[1][2]

Still, vampires that weren’t adept were able to take advantage of the cultural change, as it made the kill easier: “[Harmony] makes the humans think we’re all sexy and cuddly. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel these days. And the more vampires go veggie, the more blood there is for the rest of us.”[3]

According to Faith Lehane, slaying vampires who were followers of the Harmony Rules was a moral grey area, but the bigger problem was it would potentially start a war.[4]

While sane, Drusilla was a temporary follower of the Reform, even turning a Lorophage demon from a predator to a healer.[5]

In order to make an alliance with Buffy Summers, Harmony encouraged Vicki and new vampires associates to abide to the Harmony Rules.[6]

In VampCon, the rules were a condition for participation, allowing humans to share their blood in nonfatal amounts.[7] In its second edition, Harmony reminded the rules’ importance in a world that recognizes the existence of the supernatural.[8]

After the political and social oppression over the supernatural during the Supernatural Crisis Act, vampires and other magical beings went back to the shadows, generally returning to their previous dynamics of predators and prey with humans and Slayers.[9]