Reese Zane was Walt Zane's daughter. When her father went missing during an expedition into a South American jungle, she hired Deepscan to track him down. As her father's company Zane Pharmaceuticals was about to go public, she stressed how important it was that they bring him back quickly, discreetly and alive.

Against Major Billings's wishes, Reese insisted on joining the Deepscan Slayers on their mission into the jungle. When they were ambushed by a group of Surinamese evolved vampires, Faith saved her by shooting off the head of the vampire that was about to attack her.

Although Reese's father was discovered in the jungle, it was revealed that he had been transformed into a vampire by a woman he had encountered, retreating to the jungle and turning a tribe as he felt that vampirism- particularly with the new immunity to sunlight caused by the new rules of magic- represented the ideal cure for death that he had been seeking all his life. He attempted to convince his daughter to let him turn her so that they could share this 'breakthrough' with the rest of the world, but Reese staked him instead, recognizing the insanity of his plan. Despite the insanity of his vampiric-themed plan, Reese was intrigued by the possibility of using magic for medical breakthroughs, and asked Faith to accept a new job as head of security for Zane Pharmaceuticals' new business in London. Recently, she had helped the Slayer and his friend Angel to save the resurected Winifred Burkle to control Illyria. However, it seems that Reese wants used the demon god for a certain profit, somewhat similar to Maggie Walsh and the Initiative's project.

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