Rebecca Lowell was an actress from Los Angeles who was best known for her television series On Your Own.

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Rebecca began acting at a young age, and became famous at the age of fourteen for her role as Raven in On Your Own. Unfortunately, after the series was canceled she began to have increased difficulty in finding work despite retaining some degree of notability by the tabloids, though only resulted in her being accused of sleeping with Ernest Borgnine and being bulimic. In an attempt to provide her with extra publicity, her manager hired a stuntman to pretend to be stalking her. 

Trying to become immortal Edit

Having hired Angel as her bodyguard after he saved her life, admitting that she felt safe around him, Rebecca soon learned about his vampire status (although it would appear she failed to fully understand about the nature of his curse). When her producer's stunt with the fake stalker was exposed, Rebecca became intrigued by the possibilities offered by Angel's immortality, spending the day with Cordelia to learn more about Angel and how a person became a vampire. Visiting Angel to thank him for his help, Rebecca slipped him a drug to "loosen him up" and make him more receptive to the possibility of turning her, only to be horrified when the drug had the unexpected consequence of causing Angelus to surface due to Angel's body being 'tricked' into thinking that he had experienced perfect happiness, thus suppressing his soul for a time. Although Cordelia and Wesley managed to take Angelus out before he could escape, Rebecca subsequently fled the office and was never seen again, clearly terrified by Angelus's brutality as he talked about decapitating her and carrying her head on a pike to show off after killing someone famous for the first time.

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