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Ovu Mobani reanimates Pat's body

Reanimation was the power to reanimate corpses, creating zombies. It was a lesser form of resurrection which not only brought back the dead but also restored the person's soul and living functions. This power was a specialty of Voodoo Priests.


  • The demon Ovu Mobani had the power to raise all the dead within a certain radius, attracting the zombies, making them kill all livings things in its path, before one of them would wear the mark containing his spirit, allowing him to take over their body. When Buffy killed him, all the zombies disappeared.[1]
  • Jack O'Toole was raised from the dead by his grandfather, and brought back his friends Bob, Dickie and Parker using the same spell. They were all killed, mostly by Xander Harris with one being devoured by Oz in werewolf form.[2]
  • The demon Gachnar's presence caused the body of Josh to reanimate as a zombie. This was undone when Buffy killed Gachnar by stepping on him.[3]
  • Using the Idol of Granath, Captain Atkinson reanimated all the bodies of the dead policemen in his precinct and used them to harshly punish people guilty of any crime. Angel broke the spell by smashing the idol.[4]
  • Dawn Summers attempted to revive her recently dead mother Joyce, though Spike informed her that her knowledge of magic would only bring Joyce back as a zombie, before taking her to Doc so that she might get some proper resurrection spells. After gathering the key ingredient for the ritual, Dawn was able to bring back her mother, but was informed prior to performing the ritual that her mother could come back different, though it was never revealed if she returned a zombie or a living being, since Dawn ended the spell before anyone could see the result.[5]
  • Wolfram & Hart were quite capable of raising zombies, using them as a security protocol and as one of the ways to bring back any deceased member of Wolfram & Hart.[6][7]
  • Amy Madison rose an army of zombies to attack Buffy's castle.[8]
  • Eyghon the Sleepwalker controlled a large number of zombies.[9]

Non Canon[]

  • The necromancer Matereani had the power to instantly create zombies, making them leap from out of the ground in his presence.[10]
  • The alternate reality version of Kakistos cast a reanimation spell in the Sunnydale Cemetery to distract Buffy so he could get away. Worried it would reanimate her mother, Buffy let him and with Spike's help, defeated the zombies. Buffy broke the spell before it could reanimate her mother. Kakistos later cast three reanimation spells to aid him in his final battle with Faith Lehane. The spells restored his health when it was damaged and repeatedly summoned zombies to aid him. After Faith broke the spells, she was able to kill Kakistos.