Razor was the leader of the Hellions demon biker gang that briefly took over Sunnydale when they discovered that the Slayer was dead. He was killed by Tara when she stabbed him in the back with a axe.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman strength: Razor was strong enough that he could squeeze a vampire's head off with his bare hand.
  • Built-in steel claws: Razor possessed 4 switchblade-style claws attached to his fingers that he could spring out by command. They were destroyed when Willow Rosenberg cast a spell to make Tara invincible when he tried to slash her with his claws. The blades shattered to pieces while Tara remained unharmed.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Franc Ross.
  • Razor is the only being, demon or vampire to be killed by Tara in the entire series.
  • The fact that he hold a built-in steel claws is a plausible tribute to Freddy Krueger.

Appearances Edit

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