She was a special case. Her family was murdered in their home when she was ten. Whoever did it took Dana and tortured her for months. She was found one day naked and bleeding, wandering the streets. Barely functional, nearly catatonic ever since.
―Dr. Rabinaw[src]

Doctor Rabinaw was Dana's doctor while she was a patient in the psychiatric ward of a Los Angeles hospital.

Rabinaw secretly video recorded all his sessions with Dana with the intent of later using the material to publish a book about her, capitalizing on her extreme misfortunes which lead to her psychological deterioration.

Personality and Traits Edit

Rabinaw was an opportunistic and selfish individual. Instead of sharing the video recorded sessions with the medical community in hopes of helping Dana, he kept them a secret in order to profit from her story.

Spike: “Right. Demon possession.
Dr. Rabinaw: “That's ridiculous.
— Spike and Dr. Rabinaw[src]

He was also oblivious to the mystical aspect of the world, unaware of the city's dark underbelly even he was a part of every day.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Kevin Quigley.

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