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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.

Queen of the Slayers was a novel written by Nancy Holder based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Following the Hellmouth's closure, hundreds of potential slayers have been activated. Buffy Summers hoped that overturning the Slayer's self-sacrifice would result in her earning some relaxation following seven years of fighting. However, the victory is short-lived. Dark forces are arising to fill the gap left by the First.

Willow's magical spell which sent the slayer essence across the world has resulted in girls everywhere discovering their new power. The Scoobies, after having a traumatic night in a small town involving shapeshifters, resolve to travel to Europe. In London, Giles races to reorganize the remnants of the Watchers Council, hoping to overcome the shortcomings of its previous incarnation. Buffy, Xander, Willow, Dawn and Dawn's new best friend, a young slayer named Belle, travel to Rome to train new Slayers that are drawn to The Immortal, an infamous, ambiguous yet charismatic character, whom Buffy's attracted to and does not fully trust during the whole novel. They soon hear of a mysterious "Queen of the Slayers" who is getting a number of the fresh slayers to form a mystical army. This likely evil seems determined to claim the slayer essence for herself, and viciously and cruelly murders any Slayers that don't cooperate with her and betray Buffy.

Faith Lehane and Robin Wood take a group of Slayers to the Hellmouth in Cleveland, which has gone supernova with evil, to stabilize the hell there. Unfortunately, they suffer casualties, among other things, and experience strange projections of The Legion of Three, three deadly Hellgods.

While the Legion attempts to break through the barriers of our dimension in order to rip Buffy's head off, Ornella, the self-titled "Queen of the Slayers," is advised by her lover, Antonio Borgia, a sorcerer under the employ of The Immortal, who attempts to bring forth his ancient vampire ancestors from their hell dimension, who desire to taste the blood of the true Slayer.

Xander travels to Africa, hoping to find more about the origins of the slayer essence. He discovers instead that the good in the world is not enough to fight the bad, and that the deciding confrontation is drawing far too near. It will be slayer against slayer, as an ultimate battle of champions approaches. While there, he meets the spirits of past Slayers, as well as Tara, who brings him Anya as a temporary gift.

Dawn goes into a coma, as she was The Key, and has a link to the Earth, which is crumbling because of the ensuing evil. Willow also seems to go into a coma because of this, but is somehow woken up by a kiss from her lover Kennedy when she, Faith and Robin are called back to Rome, after realizing that the fight in a deserted Cleveland was pointless.

Buffy, Willow, Kennedy, Belle, Vi and Rona head to Brazil (under the orders of an angelic Tara), to get The Death Orchid, which has healing abilities, and they are attacked by The Queen of the Slayers. They are saved from poison darts by one of the rogue slayers, Haley, who realizes what she has done and gives them the antidote. They then go to Tibet to meet with the infamous sorcerer, The Golden One, and re-meet Oz, who is now one of the werewolves that protect The Golden One. After the Golden One is killed, Oz and his wolf-pack decide to head to Rome, to help Buffy and her Slayers against the upcoming battle.

After healing Dawn, Buffy goes on patrol along with Faith, and the two meet a rogue Slayer who they believe is leading them into a trap, and their belief comes reality when she leads the Slayer sisters right into the hands of Ornella, the Queen of the Slayers and her demons. Buffy and Faith waste the demons easily and escape back to The Immortal's place, where he betrays them, knocks them out, and chains all of the Scoobies up.

Buffy, unconscious, is visited by the good demon, Whistler. The Powers That Be have sent him to The Slayer for her to see the battle going on in L.A. that has Angel, a resurrected Spike, and their team fighting against the hell that Wolfram & Hart has sent upon them. Buffy cries tears of horror as she believes that both the vampires who loved her will die again. She is then joined by both Angel and Spike's souls, and together they create an angelic daughter with all of their features, who gives Buffy the strength she needs to wake up, gather her friends, her team, her Slayers, and defeat The Legion of Three.

Buffy wakes up the morning after the battle to find her friends building her funeral pyre, believing her to be dead again. She finds her friends safe and sound, though Faith was forced to kill Slayers who wouldn't surrender. Buffy has a confidential conversation with Willow, who reveals that she also saw Buffy's future daughter. Buffy looks into the sunset, declares her love for all of her friends (including Andrew), and vows to see Angel, Spike and the little girl again.


Behind the Scenes

  • Tagline: "Sunnydale was only the warmup ..."
  • Controversial amongst fandom for daring to follow-up on the conclusion to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, many fans were perhaps inevitably disappointed. Others appreciated an interpretation of what might have followed. However, this novel's version of events has since been rendered obsolete by the canonical Season Eight comics.
  • Another post-Season 7 novel, Dark Congress, was published after this one, though that one does not take place in the same continuity as Queen of the Slayers.
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