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So maybe Amber's got this power. To make herself be on fire. Like the Human Torch, only it hurts.

Pyrokinesis was the ability to create and/or manipulate fire. Magic practitioners were able to achieve pyrokinesis through spells,[1] while certain demons and other supernatural creatures had this as a natural ability.[2][3]


Fire conjuration[]

Fire conjuration was the general ability to create fire by magic.

  • Xander once accidentally set a book on fire by reading out the words "librum incendere."[4]
  • Willow once magically lit a barbecue, conjuring "ignis incende." She mentioned that a witch who performed this spell had to be careful to balance the elements.[1] Years later, she used the same spell to escape the grasp of a demon by lighting it on fire.[5]
Tara creates fire bargaining part 2

Tara conjures fire.


Having a body consisting of fire, granting them fire-related powers.

  • By 1999, Angel mentioned to have fighting fire demons with Buffy in a cave next to Sunnydale beach.[11]
Fire hands two to go

A creature has fiery fists.


Incineration referred to completely destroying an object's or being's structure by engulfing it with heat or flames.

  • The Judge could burn the humanity out of any being. This would cause the victim to literally burn and disintegrate in a matter of seconds. However, beings without any sense of humanity were safe, as with the case of Angel while without a soul.[15]

Willow incinerates Warren's corpse.

  • After killing Warren, Willow set his body alight, causing it to burn into nothing.[16] However, Amy kept his body unharmed yet still skinned, making the illusion that his body was destroyed.[17]
  • The lower being D'Hoffryn was able to kill one of his own vengeance demons, Halfrek, by having her burst into flames until nothing was left.[18]


Combustion referred to causing an object or person to spontaneously catch fire.

  • Catherine made Amber's hands spontaneously combust during an audition for the Sunnydale High cheerleading squad.[19]
  • According to Giles, rage was a common cause to spontaneous combust when the person was terribly angry or upset.[19]
  • The demon Sweet could alter reality in an area to make its people burst out song and dance. This living musical would cause some individuals to dance so intensely they would combust in flames and burn to death. This happened to an unidentified tap dancer and almost to Buffy during her performance of "Something to Sing About."[20]

Heat generation[]

Heat generation was the ability to raise temperature and emit heat.

  • The females of the Oden Tal species could generate heat due to their ko, allowing them to fry other beings to death with a touch. This was uncontrollable during the stages of maturation and they were required to be kept in cold containment.[21]
  • When Willow was after Warren, he managed to trap her in some sort of cage made of water. Channeling magic through her eyes, Willow generated heat, causing the cage to break down.[16]

Fire breathing[]

Fire breathing was the ability to release a stream of fire from one's mouth.

Dawn fire breath

A possessed Dawn breaths fire.


  • The Lowell House poltergeist was able to cause the fire of the fireplace be thrown on a student.[25]
  • The two-headed demon in the sewers beneath Kenyard School for Girls was described by Cordelia Chase to have the ability to breathe fire. Closer inspection by both Wesley and Gunn proved the demon was producing fire from somewhere else, possibly from its behind.[26]