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Cordelia wearing a Pyean Collar

Pylean Collars were mystical shock collars created by the Covenant of Trombli and used on the human slaves, "cows" of Pylea to electrocute, control; and to kill them from a distance if they tried to rebel. However, Winifred Burkle found a way to deactivate them.

Notable Wearers

  • Winifred Burkle
    • After being sent to their dimension, the Pyleans put a shock collar on Fred, but she used her advanced knowledge of science and technology to deactivate it and lived in solitude.
  • Cordelia Chase
    • After being transported to Pylea, a demon Cordelia thought would help her put a shock collar around her neck and sold her as a cow, but after she was named Princess of Pylea, it was removed.


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