Willow, Amy and Michael performing the protection spell.

The, the symbol is harmless. I used it to make a protection spell for you, for your birthday. With Michael and Amy.
Willow Rosenberg[src]

The protection spell was cast to provide protection to a target. This spell was cast by Willow Rosenberg, Amy Madison and Michael Czajak as Willow's birthday present for Buffy. The extent of the protection of the spell and the nature of protection it gave (i.e., physical or magical) was unknown. The spell was mistakenly thought of as malevolent, due to the activities of a demon that used the guise of the deceased Hans and Gretta Strauss, both of whom had the symbol of the spell imprinted on their palms upon their death.

Willow claimed that the protection it gave was broken when Buffy was infromed of its purpose. As such, this indicated that the spell only worked when the target was unaware of the spell being cast.


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