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Well, it definitely could be one of your prophetic dreams, or it could just be the eternal mystery that is your brain.
Rupert Giles[src]

Prophetic dreaming was the ability to perceive a message in the form of dreams. It was one of the main powers possessed by the Slayer.[1]


Slayers would, on occasion, experience dreams that foretold future events, whether it'd be a threat that was imminent[1] or in years to come,[2] if it was long term[1] or an easily dealt-with situation,[3] or if it was not a threat anyway.[2]

Prophetic dreams could consist of a bizarre situation hinting upcoming events through visual or spoken cues[1] or could just show the actual event itself.[4] They weren't strictly precognitive, as Slayers would experience retrocognitive dreams of the lives of past Slayers,[5] or receive messages that revealed facts about the present.[6]

Two existing Slayers would also form a psychic link, allowing them to share dreams.[2]



  • When Buffy was first called, she began dreaming of being other girls in different historical periods, specifically Slayers who had also faced Buffy's upcoming enemy, Lothos.[7]
  • During her first day at Sunnydale High School, Buffy dreamed of the various experiences she would eventually in that year. This included books about the Harvest, the last member of the Brotherhood of Seven, the origin of Moloch the Corruptor, and the presence of the Master.[4]


  • Before she ever met the Master, Buffy dreamed of being killed by him,[8] foreshadowing her own death.[9]
  • Two months after she defeated the Master, Buffy dreamed of him, disguised as Giles, attacking her. This dream foreshadowed his attempted return, orchestrated by Colin and Absalom.[10]


  • During her 17th birthday, Buffy experienced a dream set at the Bronze between her and her boyfriend Angel, joined by Joyce, Willow, and Drusilla. In the dream, Buffy saw her mother asking her if she was ready, walked over to meet Angel on the dance floor, then watched Drusilla staking him. Buffy experienced another dream the same night, then featuring Drusilla beheading Angel at the abandoned Bric & Broc factory. These dreams revealed that Drusilla wasn't dead as presumed and her health had been restored, as well as foreshadowed the loss of Angel's soul.[1]
  • The day following the loss of Angel's soul, Buffy experienced a dream which consisted of Buffy and Angel making love, only to move into a cemetery with Angel where Jenny revealed her face from behind a veil. This indicated that Jenny had been hiding her mission and knowledge about Angel's curse.[11]
  • While hospitalized and sick with a fever, Buffy had a dream in which she woke up at 2:27 AM and saw Ryan outside her door. As he left, he was followed by Der Kindestod. Buffy followed the two, having flashes of walking down another hospital hallway as a little girl and going into her cousin Celia's room. Buffy then woke up at 2:27 and though neither Ryan or Der Kindestod were there, Der Kindestod had killed a little girl. The dream signaled her that Der Kindestod was stalking Ryan and the other children in the hospital, like he had also killed Celia.[12]


  • Buffy had a nightmare in which she tried to escape murky waters while Allan Finch, recently murdered, pulled her down. Finally reaching the surface, Buffy saw Faith, who immediately pushed her fellow Slayer back underwater. This dream foreshadow Faith's involvement with the evil forces.[13]
  • While Faith was in a coma and Buffy was unconscious in the same hospital, the two shared a prophetic dream in which Faith claimed: "Little Miss Muffet counting down from 7-3-0."[2] The term "Little Miss Muffet" was a reference to Buffy's little sister Dawn's arrival,[14] while the dream happened 2 years (730 days) before Buffy's death.[15]
  • Buffy experienced a dream while asleep during Psych class. In the dream, Professor Maggie Walsh had Buffy lie down in front of the class before being kissed by Riley. Just as they embraced, the room went dark. Buffy walked through the halls of UC Sunnydale to find a little girl holding the Gentlemen's box and singing a lullaby describing the actions of the Gentlemen. Buffy then saw a flash of one of the Gentlemen. The dream foreshadowed the arrival of these demons in Sunnydale while Maggie's speech about communication represented the lack of communication between Buffy and Riley to their secret lives.[3]


  • The day Faith would awake from her coma, she dreamed telling Buffy that "little sis coming,"[16] again hinting Dawn's arrival.[17] The dream continued with her in a picnic with Mayor Wilkins, with a snake passing by, when Buffy interrupted them slashing the Mayor with Faith's knife. Faith then ran away from Buffy and the Slayers fell into an open grave, with Faith emerging from the grave, ending the dream and her coma.[16] This referred to the Graduation Day battle Faith missed, in which Wilkins had become snake-like as the Olvikan and was killed in a plan that had involved Buffy running with Faith's knife.[2]
  • After performing an enjoining spell with the Scooby Gang, the first Slayer Sineya manifested on their dreams. Some of the instances in Buffy's dream were foreshadowing Dawn's soon arrival and Buffy's own death.[18]
  • While Buffy fell asleep in the middle of research, she dreamed of her then deceased mother talking to her. Joyce told her to get some rest, as Buffy was without sleep for days, which would cause her to be beaten by a Turok-Han during their first encounter.[19]


  • While Buffy was in conflict with the First Evil, she was protecting and training a group of Potential Slayers against it. She then dreamed that she was walking inside her home only to be attacked by Sineya, who told her: "It is not enough!" Her message meant that Buffy had to evasive actions if she wished to deal with the First's threat, which led her to confront the Shadowmen.[20]


  • Dana's unstable mental state caused her to experience her Slayer dreams while awake. She acted reviving moments from deceased Slayers for brief periods of time, even speaking in their native tongues, and made drawings of various girls killing demons.[21]


  • Buffy had a dream where she fell on the floor of the chamber of the Seed of Wonder.[22] The outfit she wore was the same as the one she would wear when finding the Seed, a significant upcoming event that would bring about the end of magic.[23]


  • Sineya manifested in Buffy's dreams and told her she was not the Slayer anymore, an attempt to reveal Buffy's false (robotic) constitution. With the help of a fairy nicknamed Tink, who had hijacked her dreams, she understands Sineya's message about giving the broken to Willow to bring magic back into the world.[24]