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This article is about the ancient vampire known as The Prince of Lies. For Angelus, whom Connor referred to as "The Prince of Lies", see Angel

They dare conceive such violations upon my temple! The Prince of Lies is not a slab of meat to be set upon by insignificant maggots.
―The Prince of Lies[src]

The Prince of Lies was an ancient vampire who was captured by the Third Reich during World War II as part of an effort to surgically alter vampires on a psychological level in order to create an army of vampire soldiers.

In 1943, he was trapped in a U-Boat alongside Spike and Nostroyev, and, upon learning of the purpose of his capture, an enraged Prince of Lies attempted to kill the only German left on the sub. He was stopped by Angel with a stake through the heart. Before he died, the Prince threatened to suck out a Nazi's brain and digest his thoughts. It is unknown if this is a description of some unique ability of his or just a creative threat.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Prince of Lies had the standard powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire. But, due to his extremely advanced age, he was vastly more powerful than far younger vampires such as Angel and Spike. He was able to easily overpower Angel in a fight in the German sub.

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • He bears a striking resemblance to Count Orlok, the lead character of the 1923 vampire film Nosferatu.
  • The Prince of Lies is another example of a vampire so ancient that its human features are little more than a shadow to the monstrosity it has become. Other such vampires include The Master and Kakistos.