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They believe that humanity... consciousness... the soul, is a perversion, a dilution of spirit.
Rupert Giles[src]

Primal referred to an animal worshiper who believed that the soul and the human consciousness were a perversion while the animal state was sacred. As such, they sought to draw the spirits of predatory animals into themselves in a trans-possession. For the ritual, the person had to perform a predatory act while standing on a symbol.[1]

In 1996, the zookeeper Dr. Weirick first attempted to perform the ritual with hyenas, but five students of Sunnydale High School accidentally performed it in his place and became Primals themselves. Dr. Weirick eventually undid their trans-possession and drew the spirits into himself, but he soon died when he attempted to fight Buffy and fell into the feral hyenas' pit.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

When possessed, the Primal obtained the mindset and abilities of the summoned animal spirit, such as heightened senses and enhanced strength. Giles described them as becoming almost as strong as a Slayer; Xander could keep Buffy restrained for a moment, and the Pack tore apart a metal cage used to hold Herbert the Pig.[1]

However, the effect of the possession also distorted the mind of the subject, causing them to become increasingly violent. For example, the Pack ate a pig alive, Xander harassed Buffy sexually, and the four remaining students performed cannibalism by eating Principal Robert Flutie.[1]




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