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It isn't just the same ballet. It's the same performance. I don't dance. I echo. Please... can you make it stop?
―The Prima Ballerina to Angel[src]

The Prima Ballerina was a young woman who was employed as a dancer for the Blinnikov World Ballet Corps by Count Kurskov.[1]


The Prima Ballerina had Stefan as her lover despite her fear of the company's owner, Count Kurskov, who was obsessed with her. Stefan asked the ballerina to leave with him, but she hesitated. One night, they made love in her dressing room. The Count found her with the other man and he went "insane with jealous rage." As punishment, the Count pulled the ballerina out of time and of any reality beyond his theater, swearing she would dance for him forever.[1]

In 1890, Angel watched the company's performance of Giselle. He would describe that it made him cry "like a baby" despite being evil at the time.[1]

In 2002, the Angel Investigations team went to watch the performance in Los Angeles, when Angel noticed it was the exact same as 112 years before. He and Cordelia went to investigate the theater's backstage and hit a mystical hot spot in the ballerina's dressing room. They were possessed by the actions of Prima Ballerina and Stefan in one night they had made love.[1]

Angel then found the Prima Ballerina waiting alone in the wings, while the image of other dancers appeared on stage. She told Angel that, during the first act, her foot slipped a little every time during the courtship dance; she was not dancing each night, but rather just repeating her movements for eternity.[1]

As his team fought the Count's minions Comedy and Tragedy, Angel told the ballerina to help break the magic holding her prisoner by changing the dance. She then entered on stage dancing her own steps, making the other dancers disappear. With the Count weakened, Angel attacked him and smashed his power center. The Prima Ballerina bowed to Angel as she finally vanished.[1]

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