My mum says I'm cursed. My seeing things is an affront to the Lord. That only He's supposed to see anything before it happens. But I don't mean to, Father, I swear.
Drusilla precognition passion

Drusilla suddenly receives a vision of the future

Precognition (also referred to as the Sight) was the psychic ability to see or foretell future events. It was possessed by rare humans and some demon species. Beings with this power were referred to as 'Seers'.

Prophetic DreamsEdit

Slayers could receive strange and vivid dreams that would allow them to foresee future events.

The VisionsEdit

Visions were a specific form of precognition sometimes granted to an individual by the Powers That Be, and often transferred from one recipient to another.

Known precognitivesEdit

See Psychics, seers and telepaths

Recipients of The Visions Edit

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