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Posey was a new Slayer and a member of the Slayer Organization's Italy squad.[1]


While various squads retreated to meet at the Slayer Organization command center in Scotland, the Italy squad left its headquarters and traveled underground through catacombs. Posey, knowing Latin, read a prayer on the wall, which Andrew Wells explained was graffiti from early Christian martyrs.[1]

As Posey heard something, she feared the people hunting Slayers found them down there. Andrew went ahead to check and was met with Warren Mears. As the two talked, Posey fell dead on the floor, attacked by a "goatman" demon in an ambush set up by Warren and Amy Madison.[1]



Preceded by:
Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane

concurrently with Buffy, Faith and thousands of others.

Succeeded by:
Slayer succession line abolished.