Nadira attacks Nash

Nash holding the plague ball

The plague ball was a magical artifact created by Whistler, Pearl, and Nash in their efforts to "save" the world after the failure of Twilight.

Using the residual magic from several items, Whistler, Pearl, and Nash formed the ball to spread a magical plague across the world. In the ensuing skirmish between themselves and Angel and Faith's group, Giles knocked the ball out of Nash's hands with a fireball. Despite their attempts to catch it, the ball exploded over the streets of Hackney, London, painfully transforming numerous humans below into demons and monsters, such as the Angel Woman and the Bat Woman.

Whistler managed to re-acquire the still-intact ball with the intent on detonating it in the upper atmosphere, thus spreading its magic across the world, but Angel intervened and challenged him to a duel. In the ensuing battle, exposure to the magical energies of the ball helped Whistler come to his senses, prompting him to shield the ball with his own body to stop it from infecting anyone else, sacrificing himself in the process.


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