And there is no birth without blood.
Rupert Giles[src]

Placenturian was the term created by Xander Harris in reference to the interdimensional demons of various species that were poured into Earth as an aftermath to the creation of the Twilight in 2006.[1]

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We humans won't matter at all. And do you understand how quickly the ancient demons and magicks will come pouring back in?
―Rupert Giles[src]

As Buffy Summers and Angel gave birth to a new dimension, becoming themselves a new evolution, the Earth as well as its occupants wouldn't matter anymore. The planet itself reacted with cyclones, temperature elevations, seaquakes, hurricanes, but then a dimensional rift was open, with an army of demons pouring through it.[2] According to Rupert Giles, as the couple ascended into a new reality, there wasn't balance in the universe anymore. and these demons were reclaiming and returning to the expendable dimension: Earth. These tears on the reality were opened globally, and a battle against these invaders began.[1]

The larger battle took place in Sunnydale — home of the Seed of Wonder, source of all magic on Earth —, where multiple dimensional rifts were open. The United States Armed Forces as well as the Slayer Organization fought against the placenturians, as well as the demons from Earth, who were defending it from the invaders.[3] With multiple deaths from both sides, the war was only over when Buffy broke the Seed of Wonder, causing the end of magic, and the placenturians to be sucked back to their original dimensions. Although, a large placenturian was able to evade its own portal, so Spike and his crew flew after it,[4] finally exploding it in the outer space.[5]

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