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"'''Unaired Pilot'''" is the as the title would suggest the pilot pitched to the WB for the television show ''[[Buffy the Vampire Slayer]]''.
The pilot starts off just like Episode 1 of Season 1 "[[Welcome to the Hellmouth]]" we watch as an unknowing victim leads [[Darla]] and himself to a secluded location of Sunnydale High School. The episode continues without a Opening theme simply rendering a title with very different font over the new school day. We join [[Buffy Summers|Buffy]] already skipping her prophecy dream and her ride to school with [[Joyce Summers|Joyce]]. Buffy is also a brunette and not a blond like in the show we all know and love now. Buffy is then shown around by [[Robert Flutie|Principal Flutie]] played in the pilot by Stephen Tobolowsky. As he does, he calls her by different names.
Buffy assures Flutie that there wont be any problems like at her old school and she is "Here to have fun. But I mean Fun, fun with learning." Flutie tells Buffy not to worry he thinks she will fit in just fine. we then leave Buffy and are introduced to [[Xander Harris|Xander]] and a VERY different [[Willow Rosenberg|Willow]] played by Riff Regan. She is a bit overweight and has curly short cropped brown hair. Xander asks Willow to help him in homework and willow agrees at the reward of a shiny nickel. We then see the first of [[Cordelia Chase|Cordelia]] still played by Charisma Carpenter. and her two lackeys [[Harmony Kendall|Harmony]] and Cordette. A Jock tries to ask Cordelia out to the Bronze and she declines him. Harmony ditzy as ever confirms that there still going. Cordelia asks who is playing that night and Harmony tells her Dingos ate my baby, which is the band [[Daniel "Oz" Osbourne|Oz]] is a part of.
Cordelia continues to down her fellow students when Xander interrupts, But as usual Cordelia gets the best of him. As Cordelia and her lackeys walk off Buffy looking threw her bag bumps into Xander dropping her things. She gathers her thing apologizing and asks where the library is. Xander helps her out and when she leaves discovers she has left her stake. Out of all the things that were change from the pilot besides actresses for Willow the Library is the biggest change. The library is deserted and Buffy attempts to leave bumping into [[Rupert Giles|Giles]]. He recognizes her almost instantaneously. In the same fashion as in "[[Welcome to the Hellmouth]]" Giles cuts Buffy short when she attempts to tell him what she is looking for placing a different style book before her then in the actual episode but still the same book entitled "Vampyr". Buffy tells Giles that's not whats she's looking for and leaves.
Buffy seems very troubled by what had happened in the Library while sitting in class. The bell rings and Willow introduces herself to Buffy offering by request of Mr. Barns that she help Buffy get caught up. Willow is a bit unsure of herself when talking to Buffy but Buffy accepts her offer. While walking with Willow Buffy asks about Giles. Willow tells her almost too happy that the subject has turned to Giles that he started a couple weeks ago, but before she can get too into detail about him Cordelia, Harmony and Cordette appear before them.
Cordelia introduces herself, as the welcoming committee and practically steal Buffy from Willow. The scene then joins Aphrodesia and Aura talking about Buffy in the Girls locker room. As Aphrodesia rants on about how Buffy got kicked out of her old school the body of the boy Darla killed at the beginning falls out of her locker onto her, making Aphrodesia go into a screaming fit.
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