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Btvs This article is about a subject whose real name is unknown, being identified only by a title, nickname, or alias.

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Pike was the nickname of a mechanic and ally of Buffy Summers circa 1996.[1] He aided her in her early duties as Slayer, specifically her battle against the vampire king Lothos.[2]


Pike lived in Los Angeles and spent most of his time getting drunk with his friend Benny. A mutual dislike formed between Pike and Buffy, a superficial valley girl and Hemery High student, when they met at a movie theater and then later at a diner, where Buffy ridiculed Pike for his drunken behavior and unusual nickname.[3]

While walking home, Pike passed out and Benny was killed by a vampire. When Benny returned as a vampire himself and tried to contact his friend, Pike decided to leave town but was confronted by Benny, who had joined up with Lothos and his minions. Pike attempted to escape and was rescued by Buffy, who revealed that she was the Slayer. Soon afterward, an ill-prepared Buffy came face to face with Lothos for the first time, and managed to escape on Pike's motorcycle as her Watcher, Merrick, shot himself rather than be sired by Lothos.[1]

After Merrick's death, Pike tried to convince a demoralized Buffy that it was her duty to slay Lothos. Buffy, however, claimed that she only wanted to be normal and insisted that she was going to the school dance. Pike showed up and asked to dance with her, telling her that she wasn't like other girls. However, when the party was crashed by vampires, they were forced into battle once more. Pike defended the students from Lothos' minions, including his right-hand man Amilyn, and reluctantly staked Benny. Buffy defeated Lothos, burning down the school gym in the process.[2]

After Buffy was subsequently expelled, she and Pike took an impromptu trip to Las Vegas to hunt vampires. She eventually moved to Sunnydale, where she continued her role as Slayer.[2]


Behind the scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Luke Perry in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer film.
  • In the original script for the movie, Pike and Benny were described: "They are fairly punked out, (and not currently attending high school). Pike is long and lean, has short hair spiked and a taste for long coats and black. Benny is somewhat stockier, opts for a shaved head and suspenders. Doc Martins for both. Benny is clearly the more belligerent of the two — when Pike speaks, it's with surprising wit and reserve. Sometimes."
  • Although the initial source is unclear, the name Oliver Pike is widely used among fans, registered on this wiki as early as 2007. In 2023, it was included in the non-canon novel Big Bad: A Novel.
  • In the comic issue Halloween, while group of vampires watches a movie featuring Luke Perry, one of them says: "That show blew it by letting him go," a reference to Perry being in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, and, like most of its cast, was absent from the television series.
  • When writing for the novel Sins of the Father, Christopher Golden found that Joss Whedon's office didn't agree that Pike would still be a vampire hunter without Buffy. Golden explains: "Initially what happened was I had suggested that, after Buffy and Pike spent some time together hunting vampires, Buffy left town with her mom and moved, and Buffy and Pike had a falling out. Pike went off and he was still, from time to time, was still hunting evil. The way it turned out is apparently, that was their complaint. They did not want Pike to be proactive in any way, and I got that and immediately adapted to their objection. So that Pike became what he should have been which is the beach bum slacker of all time."[4]