See you have to study weather trends in order to make a good play in the agricultural market. Once you do, you'll never look at soybeans the same way. God, listen to me! I'm not boring you, am I?
―Pierce to Cordelia[src]

Pierce was a Los Angeles resident who worked at futures and options market and was a one-time date of Cordelia Chase. Initially attracted to his looks and wealth, Cordelia went out to dinner with him to Le Petite Renard, but found him to be rather obsessed with his work, much to her boredom. Afterwards, he dropped her off in front of Angel Investigations offices, just at the same moment as the vampire Russ appeared. When the vampire attacked Cordelia, Pierce, in a fit of panic, ran to his car and fled, leaving Cordelia to fend for herself.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Robert Hillis.


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