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You wanna look inside my ears?
―Phillip Todd[src]

Phillip Todd was a human resident of Sunnydale and an employee of the Doublemeat Palace fast food chain.



Phillip teaches Buffy Summers how to grill.

Phillip Todd was an experienced employee at the Doublemeat Palace fast food restaurant in Sunnydale. His manager, Manny Rocha, described him and fellow employee Timothy Blane as "solid", and advised new staff members to follow their example. At one point, he realized he couldn't hear, and upon going to the doctor, learned that the grease from working at the grill had formed a plug inside his ears. He was given a kit for cleaning his ears, which he claimed relied on a "bulb mechanism".

When Buffy Summers started working at the Doublemeat Palace, Phillip showed her how to work the grill, and relayed to her his stories of grease getting in his ears. His chilling disposition visibly disturbed her. When Buffy later caused a disturbance in the restaurant, claiming that the special ingredient was human flesh, Phillip attempted to restrain her, only to be thrown into the wall.

Behind the scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Douglas Bennett.
  • Although credited merely as "Phillip", the character's surname can be seen on his name badge.