This article is about the Watcher. For the young Watcher-in-training, see Philip.

Phillip was a Watcher and a member of the Council.


Phillip arrived to Sunnydale along with Quentin Travers and several other Watchers to test the Slayer Buffy Summers to see if she was eligible for the Council's information on Glorificus. He interviewed Buffy's friends Xander Harris and Anya Jenkins at their apartment. In the interview, Xander attempted to prove his worth in the Scooby Gang while Anya tried to hide the fact she use to be a demon by trailing through the interview, making patriotic comments and offering him muffins. Phillip then acted as Buffy's opponent during her physical test. However, since Buffy could not understand the Japanese instructions given by Travers and because she was blindfolded, she was unable to defend herself. So she then tried her hand at improvisation. At first it worked very well, as she attacked Phillip solely through her instincts, however this led her to breaking his rib and accidentally throwing his axe into the dummy she was meant to protect, which then fell onto fellow Watcher Nigel.

In 2002, Phillip along with most of the other Watchers, was killed in a bomb blast orchestrated by Caleb, the second-in-command of the First Evil.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Oliver Muirhead.


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