Perry was a human man who was transformed into a pixie when Whistler's plague ball exploded. When he was a human he was a possibly a criminal, but after he was transformed his crimes increased. Corky Smallwood recrut him like his second; together they considered themselves the ones who ran Magic Town. Secretely, Perry was frighten by Corky's tyrannical behavior.

Corky and his pixies challenged the Glass Blower to make them perfect glass jars, which Corky then had residents of Magic Town fill up for his customers. One of these residents was Andy, whom Corky and his group attacked to "remind him of his place". They were fended off by Angel, who intervened. When Andy came to bring a new glass jar, Corky and his group killed him to send Angel the message that he should mind his own business.

Angel started to investigate Corky, spurned on by clues from Nadira. Corky had recruted the assassin Tommy attack Angel when he came into the sewers but Angel beat the demon, causing Corky to flee. He tried to mutate teenager bullies with magic bottles. It was a trap fort to attract the vampire, Corky acquiring Pearl as his new muscle. However, this last is neutralized by Angel capturing Corky. With the help of the mutated Slayer Nadira, the vampire emprison the pixie in a magic bottle. Quickly after his defeat and without regrets for him, Perry and his minions find a new boss, Amy Madison using them for to possed all magic bottle and for to manipulate Angel in a trap for to defeat her nemesis Willow Rosenberg. Although insulting him frequently and not particulary intelligent, he serves her like her second, fearing that Angel free Corky from his jar (a tactic simulated by the vampire for his cooperation). Until Amy was neutralized ans reversed into rat by Nadira. After her defeat, Perry fled off.


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