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Perfect Jheung was a vampire.

Priding himself on his perfection in terms of style and combat, Jheung was nevertheless constantly haunted and frustrated by his one 'failure'. According to Jheung, he was intended—based on the prophecies of Romani seers—to be the prophesied vampire champion with a soul, the Ritual of Restoration being performed on Angel simply to test if a soul could be restored to a vampire in the first place. Although the Romanies were able to find Jheung and perform the curse, it failed to take, Jheung thus being left constantly tormented at the idea that he might not have been 'good enough' to become such a unique vampire.

Finally tracking Angel down in Los Angeles, aided by his army of demons, Jheung captured Angel, intending to study him with the hope of transferring Angel's soul into him if his own could not be restored after Angel failed to provide him with any answers about the reasons he could not be cursed. Thanks to the intervention of Charles Gunn, Angel managed to escape, leaving Jheung in an airship that was about to crash, mockingly informing Jheung that he wouldn't want a soul anyway as he wouldn't be able to cope with it.

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