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The Pee Pee demon was a demon of unidentified species. He was the slave of Archduke Sebassis. Sebassis kept him on a leash and used the demon's blood to drink. The "Pee Pee demon" supplied his blood as a drink by unscrewing a cork from his wrist.

This demon got his nickname when, at the Wolfram & Hart Halloween party, Charles Gunn was "marking his teritory" by urinating everywhere. The slave demon discovered the smell of urine and let out an amused cry, exclaiming "pee pee!" After the party he attempted to escape Sebassis by hiding inside Wolfram & Hart's copy machine. He was discovered by Cordelia Chase and returned to his master.

He was murdered by Angel who stabbed the Pee Pee demon with a poisoned ring. Later, when Sebassis drank the slave demon's blood, he discovered that his slave had dropped dead. It was already too late as Sebassis had already consumed the poisoned blood and died himself seconds later.

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