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She was definitely one of the Taraka gang, Giles. And way gun happy.
Buffy Summers[src]

Patrice was the third assassin sent by the Order of Taraka to hunt down Buffy Summers.


Patrice, keeping with the Order of Taraka tradition, took on a disguise to observe Buffy Summers, that of a police officer working at the Sunnydale High Career Fair. She made an attempt on the Slayer's life, opening fire in the midst of the students, injuring Oz in the process. Afterward, she tried to kill Buffy again, only to be stopped by Kendra. Patrice managed to escape the two Slayers by taking Jonathan Levinson hostage.

With her cover having being revealed, Patrice joined fellow Tarakan Norman Pfister and was present at the abandoned church the night Spike performed the ritual to restore Drusilla's health. Patrice participated in the fight against the Scooby Gang, where she was knocked down by Kendra, and, as she never seen again, died in the fire caused by Spike himself.

​Powers and Abilities[]

Patrice was a highly-skilled assassin who was talented in both combat and stealth. Her arsenal included numerous firearms and blades. It is likely she had to rely on modern weaponry because she had no skill in magic, seeing as she never used any. She was still a good enough fighter to hold her own against Buffy and then Kendra for sometime before the latter, enraged that her shirt had been torn, defeated her.

Seen Weapons:[]

  • 4 Guns: 2 pistols (lost during the fight at Sunnydale High), revolver, boot derringer
  • 3 Knives: two retractable knives mounted on her inner forearms, one sheathed at the back of her neck