Goodbye stray cat, who lost its way. We hope… you find it.
Joyce Summers[src]

Patches was the name Oz suggested for a dead stray cat found by Buffy Summers in her basement. It was transformed into a zombie by the demon Ovu Mobani, whose spirit was bound to a Nigerian mask bought by Joyce Summers.


After Buffy found his corpse in her basement, she and her mother buried the cat in their home’s backyard. The mask of Ovo Mobani brought him back as a zombie, and Patches came out of his improvised grave to enter the Summers’ residence in the following morning, attracted by the mask.

In order to investigate the cause of his return, Rupert Giles captured and kept Patches at a small cage in Sunnydale High School library. The Scooby Gang commented the cat had a noticing bad smell, due to his decomposing as a corpse.

Eventually, Buffy defeated Ovo Mobani, causing all the zombies he had raised to disappear, which included Patches.[1]

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