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There you are. Not thinking about any more flights of fancy, I hope?
―Pat to Buffy[src]

Pat was Joyce Summers' overly-peppy, friendly confidante during the time Buffy had run away to Los Angeles. The two met in a book club which read "Deep End of the Ocean" during Buffy's absence. She was killed when zombies raised by the demon Ovu Mobani attacked the Summers' home.

She attended Spanish classes, and on the day of meeting Buffy the class made empanadas which Pat brought to the party later that night. Upon arriving at Buffy's that evening she makes a comment that if Joyce hadn't invited her she would be home right now for "Facial Night". This comment turns out to be highly ironic as the mask of Ovu Mobani latter becomes affixed to her face, a truly awful facial.

After raising, the zombie Pat put on the mask containing the demon's spirit, becoming Ovu Mobani's vessel. After Buffy destroyed Ovu Mobani, Pat's body disappeared along with the other zombies.[1]

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