Parnell was an new Vampire who killed at least three London women. His hunting ground was Bond Street, where he would approach women offering to help them carry their items to their car or home, and then kill them when they were alone.

Inspector Brandt asked Angel to take a look at the case, who was intrigued that the killer preferred to operate in daylight. When Angel made Lavinia Fairweather go out on Bond Street and pretend she had trouble carrying many items, Parnell approached her and offered her his help. Lavinia invited him into her house because it was expected Angel would be there. However, Angel had run late due to the sewer which he used to get around being broken up, and Parnell attacked Lavinia and her sister Sophronia. They had trouble fighting him due to his unexpected powers, but when Angel arrived he was able to kill him by decapitating him with a sword.


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