Paige Anderson was the wife of Seth Anderson and mother of Ryan and Stephanie Anderson. Although she went along with her husband's decision to keep Ryan locked in his room at night, she was apparently in denial about the scale of his 'condition' (Possessed by an Ethros demon).

When Angel rescued Ryan from a car accident when he apparently sleepwalked out through his window, Paige- seeing his name as a sign as she collected angel figurines- invited him to dinner with her family the following night, Angel using the opportunity to give the family brownies with an added ingredient that would provoke the Ethros demon into revealing itself. Although Paige continued to try and deny what was wrong with her son, Seth went along with Angel and Wesley's attempts to exorcise the demon from his son.

After Ryan was revealed to be the real danger from Cordelia's vision- attempting to set his sister on fire simply because Paige gave her more marshmallows in her hot chocolate that night-, he was taken away for therapy. How Paige reacted to this is unknown, but a parting conversation between Angel and Seth suggested that the remaining Andersons would form a greater bond with each other.

Behind the Scenes

  • She was portrayed by Kate Boyer.


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