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The Pack, from left: Heidi, Xander, Rhonda, Kyle and Tor

The Pack was the nickname that referred to a group of bullies, plus Xander Harris, who were unwittingly possessed by the spirits of a pack of hyenas.


The Pack was originally a group of school bullies from Sunnydale High, led by Kyle DuFours. During a school field trip to the Sunnydale Zoo, they harassed fellow student Lance Lincoln who, when Principal Flutie intervened in the situation, chose not to snitch on them. Kyle then eagerly accepted Lance, allowing him to join them in the closed Hyena House. When inside they attempted to throw Lance into the enclosure with the hyena, however Xander came to his rescue just as the unwanted ritual began, triggered by the bullying of Lance and the symbol Xander and the four other students were standing on. Those five students then became hosts to the demonic hyena spirits.

Afterward, they continued their bullying streak, but now with Xander as their leader as well as sporting darker clothes along, having heightened senses, a tendancy to smell themselves and others, and a tendancy to giggle in a similar manner to actual hyenas. At first rude and highly insensitive, their behavior started becoming malevolent and animalistic which led them to eating Herbert the Pig, the new mascot for the Razorbacks, alive.

When Kyle, Tor Hauer, Heidi Barrie and Rhonda Kelley were confronted by Principal Flutie and taken to the office, their primal instincts met its peak when they devoured the principal alive. While that happened, Xander, whose hopeless crush on Buffy Summers had turned into a dangerous obsession as a result of the possession, attempted to sexually assault her, but ended up being knocked out and locked up in the library's book cage. The other four then broke into the library and freed Xander, reuniting their "pack."

Buffy attempted to trap them into being un-possessed by making them chase after her into the Hyena House where the spirits would be transferred back into the hyena. However, Doctor Weirick, the zoo keeper and a primal, planned to draw the hyena spirits into him but couldn't because of their interference. When reaching the symbol as Weirick performed the predatory act by holding a knife to Willow's throat, all the spirits had been transferred out of them and into him. The four students, confused about their experience and actions, fled the scene.

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