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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse continuity.

Oz, Part Three was a comic book story based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was written by Christopher Golden.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Oz remembers his third night as a wolf—the night Willow subdued him with a tranquilizer gun—and the conversation he had with her following morning, her words "Werewolf. But that's not all the time" reverberating.

Back in the present, Oz and Jinan are on their way to help Shantou, who is being attacked by Muztag's army. They realize there may be little they can do to help. Inside the monastery, Oz quickly prepares a potion. Outside, the two run into a small group of people, who explain their village was attacked by demons. Jinan asks for the people's help in destroying the demons that attacked, but there comes no response except from a number of nomads.

In Muztag's lair, Shantou is brought to Muztag's throne. In their conversation it is revealed Shantou nearly killed Muztag once, with the demon refraining from marauding the countryside out of fear of the monk.

Jinan shows the nomads her demon side, and explains not all beings called demon are evil. Taking off, Oz refuses a gun offered by a nomad, but does accept a knife. They attack a pair of demons standing guard, after which they make their way inside Muztag's lair, with Oz sniffing out the way to Shantou.

Inside, they are quickly spotted as intruders. In the ensuing fight, many of the nomads are killed, but Jinan is able to save Oz. They are confronted by Muztag, who disagrees with Oz when he says it was a bad idea coming here: Shantou has been captured, driven to his knees, his students made into slaves and now the ones who came to save will die.

Jinan urges Oz to transform, but he is unable to, saying it's not that simple. To show Oz how simple it really is, Shantou unexpectedly transforms into a werewolf and attacks Muztag's men. However, he is wrapped up by a snake-like demon and severely cut. Battling a demon himself, Oz calls for Jinan to help him but sees she too has been captured. Willow's words that he's not a werewolf all the time reverberate and Oz realizes they aren't true: there is no beast, only him. Oz transforms and rips the head off one of Muztag's men who was attacking Jinan, saving her.

Oz fights Muztag while Shantou reverts back to his human form. Oz tears into Muztag's throat, killing him. Jinan urges Oz to transform back, which he does.

Jinan and Oz kiss as he prepares to leave. Oz promises to not forget her. He thanks master Shantou and heads back home.

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