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Shall we test your faith now?
―Orlando to Jinx[src]

Orlando was a member of the Knights of Byzantium, a Christian military order of knights and clerics sworn to the destruction of the Key.


We were fools. Three alone. But if it takes a hundred men, we send the hundred. And if it takes a thousand, we send them too. So long as you protect the Key, our brotherhood will never stop until we destroy it. And you.
―Orlando to Buffy Summers[src]

In the early 2000, Orlando and a group of Knights were sent to Sunnydale to find and destroy the Key, knowing that it had been sent to the Slayer, Buffy Summers, to be protected, but ignoring that the monks of the Order of Dagon had transformed the Key into a human being.

Orlando and his companions ambushed Buffy outside the Magic Box but were quickly overpowered. Orlando swore that an army of his brothers would make its way to Sunnydale to destroy the Key.

A few nights later, Orlando and his fellow Knights, who had made camp in the woods on the outskirts of Sunnydale, were attacked by a group of Minions of "the Beast", Glorificus. The demons were little match for the heavily armored knights and the knights quickly cut them down. However, as Orlando prepared to deliver the killing blow to Jinx, Glorificus intervened and slaughtered all the knights, sparing only Orlando.

After torturing for information and getting no answers, Glory fed on the young knight, then abandoned the now-insane Orlando on the streets of Sunnydale. He was found and placed in the mental health facilities of Sunnydale Memorial, strapped to a bed like many of Glory's other victims.

It was in this state that Orlando accomplished part of his mission: finding the Key. When Dawn Summers, suspecting her true origins, got into the mental ward of the hospital to interrogate the patients, Orlando quickly recognized her as the Key, thanking God and then shouting at Dawn about the destruction the Key would cause.


There's nothing to fear, my brother. The Beast may have taken your mind, but I swear to you... she will never know the taste of your heart.
Buffy520 0300-1-

The sanity-drained Orlando in civilian clothing

A few months later, Orlando was checked out of the hospital by his "brother", Dante Chavalier, who took Orlando before Gregor, the leader of the Knights. After noticing Gregor's "shiny" armor, Orlando compared it to the "shiny" pretty little girl he had seen, making Gregor realize that the Key was now human.

Hours later, as the Knights hunted down the Scooby Gang to destroy the Key and attempted to siege the refuge they had taken, Orlando, as well as the rest of Glory's victims, began to sense the approach of the "Big Day", the aligmnent that would allow Glory to use the Key to shatter the walls between dimensions and return to her domains. Orlando began to mutter "It's time!" repeatedly. Full with impotence and in an act of mercy, Dante stabbed his brother.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Justin Gorence.